Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Svu - A Qt GUI frontend for the Scrobblator audioscrobbler

Svu - A Qt GUI frontend for the Scrobblator audioscrobbling
client is now available for download in the downloads section.

Scrobblator now also on Source Forge

Scrobblator now also on Source Forge at

Added downloads section

Added downloads section - a binary kit for winxpb the Intel
disassembler and scrobblator the lastfm scrobbling client

Added Cellular systems section

Started on the Cellular systems section - some
information on the Inmos (now ST Microelectronics)

Added software section

Added Software section

includes information on my free Intel disassembler, part of my Alpha
compiler toolchain, notes on various compiler optimisations,
notes on the gcc compiler, notes on my free lastfm audioscrobbler

SoC added

Added section on System On Chip

About dmctek

Consultancy for

  • C, C++, Assembler on x86, Mips, PPC, Alpha
  • Technical Documentation - Writing/Review
  • Training - 1 day embedded systems seminar
  • JVM Design
  • OS/RTOS - Embedded OS Design/Development - (Proprietary/Linux)
  • Compiler & Toolchain Design/Development - (Proprietary/Linux)
  • Bespoke Server and SSI Cluster Commisioning & Consultancy for RAS with SANs Clustering, RDBs, Apache using Linux - more info on RAS - Clustering - SAN

Previous Clients and Partners

Incantation Systems Ltd, Newmonics LLC, SCO, ST Microelectronics, Digital Equipment Corp.